Checking/Debit Card 

Checking and debit cards are a convenient way to manage your money. Raritan State Bank offers check cards through Shazam's Brella-Card Manager app. See below to learn more. 


  • A 24-hour ATM is available at our three locations in Raritan, Abingdon and Bushnell.
  • No fee is charged for ATMs owned by Raritan State Bank or ATMs displaying Shazam Privileged Status logo (list located at
  • At all other ATM locations, Raritan State Bank will charge a $1.00 fee per cash transaction to our customers. (The first 5 cash withdrawals per account/per month are free.)
  • A Merchant Referral Program is available. Call your preferred location for more information.
  • Customer selected PIN with no fee. 
  • The Brella-Card manager app allows you to download and receive fraud transaction alerts, monitor balances, and locate ATMs.




  • ATM fee for non-bank customers: $3.00 per transaction
  • Re-Issue of lost card : $10.00

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