About Raritan State Bank

At Raritan State Bank, we pride ourselves on having both highly tenured, experienced employees and agile, innovative, contemporary banking professionals. We have over 200 years of combined experience in community banking. Because of this, we feel we are able to offer a highly capable staff of employees to serve all customer financial needs and goals.


Our Board of directors is committed to ensuring fair lending in our bank. Applications are considered without regard to race, sex or other prohibited bases. Excluding any segment of society from fundamental economic opportunities, such as home ownership and equal access to credit, is illegal.

Board of Directors

Bill Simonson
Vice President, Farmer
Jan Van Arsdale
Chairman, Farmer
Joe Krupps
Director, Farmer
Marcum Spears
Director, Attorney
Monica Torrance
Director, Farmer
Steve Wisslead
Director, Businessman
Marc J. Coursey
Director, Senior Lending Officer



To develop strong personal relationships and to be the preferred bank of the communities we serve.


Good long-standing customer relationships are built on communications. To give our customers facts concerning their financial matters, good and/or bad, is certain to build trust and confidence.


To Provide Friendly and Professional Financial Services to our Customers.


The Bank of Friendly Service


Being honest and sincere. Taking responsibility and following through with commitments.

Presuming and anticipating the best of people.

Treating each other with consideration.

Speaking and listening openly, honestly and completely.

Being flexible and valuing each other’s input. Working together to achieve success for all.


From the organization of Raritan State Bank in 1920 until the present day, the small west-central Illinois village of Raritan, Illinois takes great pride in having one of the area's oldest and strongest banking facilities. Located 7 miles west of IL Rt. 67 between Monmouth and Macomb, Illinois, this rural community banking institution enjoys a reputation for providing excellence in both personal and community service.

During the Depression Era, Raritan State Bank was one of few area banks that through personal sacrifice of directors, and loyalty of depositors, remained open to serve the surrounding communities. The descendants of those directors and depositors would still be recognized names as being customers of the bank 86 years later.

In 1999, a need for expansion was recognized by bank management and directors, and a second banking facility was constructed on IL Rt. 41, on the north edge of Abingdon, Illinois. The Abingdon location is enjoying expected growth and success, helping to make Raritan State Bank more profitable than at any other time in the history of the bank.

In 2007, another addition to the Raritan State Bank was constructed in Bushnell, Illinois at the South end of Bushnell on Rt. 41. Management and the directors once again recognized the need for growth, therefore, the Bushnell location was developed.