I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It is hard to believe we have less than three weeks left in 2022. There are no more Raritan staff birthdays to the beginning of 2022 we drew names for "birthday buddies" and have had lots of fun days of food, decorating, presents and smiles as each birthday celebration was unique and different. I was quite impressed at how creative and clever each birthday buddy could be. The birthday celebration I was in charge of was very late in the year so I was able to see the creativity and quite simply......I was intimidated, and it added some anxiety for me to "step it up!!!" Knowing how to cook, decorate and host a party is not in my skill set. Overall, banks are not known to be a fun work environment; they are a serious place of business, but we added some fun in 2022 and are planning the same in 2023! I already know my 2023 birthday buddy and, so far, Brooke (our self-proclaimed private detective) doesn't!!! It has been a profitable and successful year for the bank, thanks to each of you. My hope is that you get to enjoy time with those you love as we celebrate Christ's birthday and the coming New Year. Also, Congratulations to Dawn Peters! We will miss you. Happy and well-deserved retirement to you!! Talk to you all more in 2023. Take care, Robert